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You Can Count On Me
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You Can Count On Me

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Karen Lea

Couldn't wait for the ending. I wanted uncle's terrible influence on Rudy to just STOP!

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thanks Kanopy. I'll miss the great assortment of flicks to stream here in NYc. This was a gem of a movie, a nice one to end the great times . Maybe it will be feasible to get back with NYPL some day.

Anonymous picture

Perfect. Fun to see these actors so young and acting the hell out of this story. The little Culkin...such presence! My favorite scene was the shooting pool scene. Ending was a bit of a disappointment. Wanted to see the brother getting off the bus and walking back to reclaim his home. But nah, ...Read more

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Gorgeous story of sibling love - with its complications and unconditional connection. Rory Culkin as the 8 year old son was heart still aches for the little chap.

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Lovely little movie. Wish it could have been tied up better, but that is a choice.

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Lovely film and lovely fade-out song at the end....a small jewel of
a film that knew what it wanted to say...

Karen avatar

Surprisingly lovely.

Anonymous picture

a small gem. really appreciate that you include such films. thanx

Anonymous picture

Moving and very well acted.
Ruffalo is great in this messed-up by tragedy character.

Anonymous picture

Excellent little film that sounds so true. Both actors are perfect as brother and sister, even though their conflicting lives often put them at odds, their love for each other always prevails in the end.

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Great movie! I wish there were more like it.

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Superbly written, acted, and edited. I can't remember ever being so all-around satisfied by a movie that left so many subplots unresolved.

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A really nice little film. Ruffalo is exceptional here. Great sibling dynamic.

Anonymous picture

What a little gem of a film. I can't remember seeing it back in 2000. Glad to catch up. I miss this type of top-notch quality filmmaking and more personal storytelling.

Dylan avatar

I'm happy to see one of my favorite indies from the early 2000s on Kanopy. Kenneth Lonergan, who wrote and directed Manchester by the Sea, makes his directorial debut with a funny, tragic, emotional look at how life's turns leave lasting legacies, for good or ill. Mark Ruffalo and Matthew ...Read more

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