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Old Boyfriends
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Old Boyfriends

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Gee it would be nice to keep Kanopy, that is if they didn't have a biz model that wasn't about raiding public institutions. Greetings from NYC!

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Anonymous picture

Great to see John Belushi singing (forerunner of the Blues Brothers)and getting 'what he deserved' from the old sorta girlfriend. and Buck Henry. Mentally ill young woman, ending didn't quite work.

Anonymous picture

(Nearly) fantastic film, and Talia Shire astonishing, but yes, I agree about ending. I like the long-range photography in the final few shots, esp. the juxtaposition of Shire and a teenage girl being photographed by a man across the way as a swath of bike racers separates them. Shire's ...Read more

Anonymous picture

compelling obsession but character and story thin, undeveloped

Jack avatar

A different take. If you've ever thought about rekindling old loves you might enjoy this.