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Life After Beth
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Life After Beth

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Comments (8)

Anonymous picture

Plaza is fun to watch as she dementedly chews the scenery, but the movie seems to be at war with itself. It's neither as funny or as touching as I think it wants to be. Will probably be popular with people who enjoy really campy "Evil Dead"-esque stuff. For me it's 2 STARS

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Anonymous picture

The third installment in what I like to call the "Aubrey Plaza Trilogy," I like to see "Safety Not Guaranteed," and "Ingrid Goes West." Nobody does banality like Plaza.

Anonymous picture

Very droll take on the zombie genre. Great cast and everyone acts it to the hilt.

Anonymous picture

Silly zombie sendup. Girlfriend dies, then comes back undead. Think of the problems. There're in this film. Nice horror comedy.

Nicole avatar

Smooooothh jazzzzz. LAVENDAAR!! Great movie!

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

Another reason why A24 is going to down in history. All these movies they put touch me and I'm grateful for them. That's history baby

Anonymous picture

great acting, strange comedy. Not into zombie movies but I liked this. What a great role for Plaza.